fumaGen NaOCl – hypochlorite production unit

fumaGen NaOCl – hypochlorite production unit

fumaGen NaOCl is a compact plant with reliable operation for the easy, inexpensive and on-site production of sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl, soda bleaching lye). Sodium hypochlorite solution has an oxidising effect, eliminates micro-organisms and prevents the growth of algae.

For many of the widespread applications, e.g. as an additive to water in drinking water supply and in swimming pools, requirement-oriented and unproblematic on-site production provides a favourable alternative to conventional processes.

Examples of application:

  • Municipal and private drinking water supply (elimination of bacteria and algae, degradation of dyes, odorous substances and flavours)
  • Public and private swimming pools
  • Fresh water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment plants (COD reduction, decontamination)
  • Cooling cycles in industry and power stations
  • The food and beverages industries

The fumaGen NaOCl produces sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolysis from diluted saline solution with immediate reaction of the electroysis products. The hydrogen, which is also formed, is separated in the integrated de-aerator.

The concentration of the saline solution is kept constant by automatically feeding softened water. Since sodium hypochlorite production is controlled by the level in the sodium hypochlorite tank, a sufficient quantity of fresh product is always available.

The fumaGen NaOCl operates fully automatically. All the devices required for monitoring puposes are incorporated into the central control panel. All that is needed for on-site production is saline solution, softened water, electricity and fumaGen NaOCl.

The sodium hypochlorite produced is already diluted to a concentration of 1%, thus avoiding all the problems usually involved with the necessary storage and handling of chlorine or commercial, concentrated sodium hypochlorite.

In addition to NaOCl production, other disinfection chemicals can also be supplied based on a similar plant design.