Outstanding expertise in membrane possess technology

FUMATECH sees itself as a technologically leading manufacturer of ion exchange membranes with extensive competence of the synthesis of the raw and auxiliary materials, on the processing of these materials into membranes to their technical applications in industrial membrane separation systems.

This know-how from the polymer technology, production experience from the film and membrane preparation and the qualification of these membranes in industrial products bring our specialists in the development and series production of ion-conducting membranes for electrochemical membrane separation processes and is capable of offering fluorine, as well as fluorine-free membranes in rolls. Especially in the field of fluorine-free membranes, we can rely on the hydrolytic and chemically proven stable materials.

Membrane technologies for water treatment

Membrane processes for separating substances displace in many industries increasingly conventional separation methods, partly due to the energy and environmentally friendly operation. An important advantage of membrane systems is their compact and generally modular construction. FUMATECH specializes in customized solutions for industrial water treatment and environmental protection. Its key markets are the food and beverage industry.

Our strengths: Innovative membrane processes and components for water treatment, for the disinfection of water and for the treatment or recycling of process water, in particular for environmental protection.