fumaGen LSHC ® Generator

The patented FumaTech BWT GmbH fumaGen® generator is a membrane electrolysis system at which the provision of chloride ions for the oxidation to chlorine thermodynamically is controlled. Due to this standalone conversion rate of active substances to chloride in the range of 1:1,1 , it is ensured that there is no corrosion risk at all from the disinfectant produced.

The process uses water and natural salt and electricity to produce a highly effective nontoxic disinfectant (HOCl) and detergent.


The benefits whilst producing the disinfectant onsite on demand are significant:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Eliminates cost of bulk chemicals
  • Reduced process times (effective at ambient temperatures)
  • Reduced energy costs

Typical applications in the food & beverage industry are:

  • Clean in Place (CIP)
  • Clean out of Place (COP)
  • Bottle filling sanitation
  • Supply water treatment
  • Biofilm removal
  • General sanitizing

The process is environmental friendly (green technology) and a technically as well as economically effective replacement for all traditional sanitizers and detergents.

The compact design of the fumaGen® device guarantees a secure, reliable and operational real friendly process. Although for the process in the device city and/or RO water is preferred the system tolerates almost all water qualities. The generator is available in three capacity sizes 30, 48 & 72 g/h free active chlorine (FAC). As the integration of the technology is crucial we offer the support for customized engineering as well as for the professional after sales service