fumion® polymers and dispersions for electrochemical processes

The fumion polymers and dispersions are used in various electrochemical processes. They can be utilized as binders for catalysts in the electrodes in the fuel cell or electrolysis applications. The fumion products can be used also for coating of electrodes. The materials are available as solid polymers or as water-based solutions.

The solid products include fumion FAA-3 shredded film and crushed fibers of E-600. The liquid products are water-based dispersions of PFSA materials.

The overview of the polymers and solutions properties is summarized in the following table:

Fumion FAA-3 shredded film E-600 FSLA-725 FSLA-1025
State of matter Solid Solid Liquid Liquid
Color appearance Brown White Colorless Colorless
Chem. composition Aromatic Sulf. PEEK PFSA PFSA
Functional group (NR4)+ SO3- SO3- SO3-
Counter ion Bromide Potassium Proton Proton
Ion conductance Anions Cations Cations Cations
Concentration / % n.a. n.a. 25 25
Density of solution / g.cm3 n.a. n.a. 1,25 1,25
Viscosity /mPa.s n.a. n.a. 10-30 10-30

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