Gas-to-gas humidification membranes

The key factor of the efficiency, power density and long-term durability of fuel cell stacks is heat and water management. The water management of the fuel cell is usually controlled by adjusting the humidity at the cathode inlet. A membrane-based humidification systems use produced water alongside depleted air on cathode outlet to humidify the gas on the inlet. In this way, the humidifier exchanges the process water within the loop of the fuel cell.

Fumatech offers flat sheet membranes for gas-to-gas humidification. The fumasep® flat sheet membranes are of interest for larger systems in the power range 50 kW onwards. The flat membranes offer the possibility of integrated, efficient, and space-saving humidifier systems that allow a high degree of freedom in design, operating mode, and membrane area utilization.

Typical properties of fumasep® humidifier membranes

 Membrane FHM-1-PS
 Reinforcement polymer Multilayer PPS and PTFE
 Polymer type PFSA
 Water vapor transport rate under static conditions (1) / g.m-2s-1  > 0,8
 Recommended max pressure difference / bar 0,6
 Maximum operating temperature / °C 100
 Total membrane thickness (2) in µm 110 


(1) determined in 1-compartment-cell filled with liquid water on one side against to a dry air at 80 °C with a dry-air-change-rate of 2 Nm³/h
(2) measured with micrometer caliper gauge at force 5 – 10 N

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