fumasep® - ion exchange membranes for water treatment

FUMATECH BWT GmbH – the company for functional membranes and plant technology – is one of the leading manufacturers of ion exchange membranes for different electrochemical operations. Our modern coating plant produces porous, non-porous and functional membranes with excellent resistance to acids, bases, solvents and oxidation. With our new membrane coating line in a clean room, our further improved polymer production and a ´state of the art´ air purification which will meet all future requirements, we do another important step in the new markets of water treatment technology, the innovative change of energy whilst using fuel cells as well as the energy storage with batteries. fumasep membranes are produced according to FUMATECH`s proprietary solution casting technology. They are supplied in standard sheet sizes for example of 200 x 300 mm, 520 x 520 mm, 520 x 1050 mm and other sizes on request. The maximum width of 1650 mm could be produced on rolls with thicknesses ranging from 10 µm up to 500 µm.

Standard Grade Membranes
The fumasep FAS and fumasep FKS are standard homogeneous anion and cation exchange membranes for electrodialysis and reversed electrodialysis. They are cost saving membrane types with and without reinforcement. Those membrane types are optimized in view of thickness, conductivity, permselectivity and area resistance, depending on the application. The recommended applications are for example desalination processes, concentration of salts, acids and bases, nitrogen removal from drinking water.

Membranes for Electrodialysis with Bipolar Membranes
Our products fumasep FAB, FKB and FBM are designed and optimized for electrodialysis with bipolar membranes. The EDBM is the combination of conventional electrodialysis for salt separation with electrochemical water splitting for the conversion of a salt into its corresponding acid and base. fumasep FAB is an anion exchange membrane which is developed for very low proton crossover to receive a high concentration of acid. fumasep FKB is a cation exchange membrane optimized for high cation transport in combination with high OH- retention. fumasep FBM is a bipolar membrane, which induce the splitting of water into protons and hydroxide ions. The bipolar membrane fumasep FBM combines high selectivity and efficiency as well as high chemical stability within a broad pH range, excellent mechanical stability and low electrical resistance. It is ideally suited for the production of acid and base from the corresponding salts, as well as for innovative concepts such as biological fuel cells. The patented multilayer membrane consists of a selective anion and cation exchange film. The dissociation of the water into protons and hydroxyl ions takes place in the special interface layer. The water is transferred into this layer by osmotic effects.

Special Grade Membranes
The fumasep FAD anion exchange membrane is a membrane type with excellent properties regarding proton and anion transport as well as high efficiency in view of the metal ions rejection. This characteristic is predestinated for the operation in diffusions dialysis processes for the recovery of free acids from spent treatment bath solutions for example in surface finishing and textile processes. Depending on the process design, up to 95 % of the free acid and up to 80 % of the base can be recovered in this way and returned to the production process, thus saving chemicals needed for the finishing baths or wastewater treatment. fumasep FAP is a chlorine resistant anion-exchange membrane which also allows the transport of protons. This membrane is used for applications that require highly permselective membranes with excellent oxidative stability, low area resistance and high mechanical stability. fumasep FAA is an alkaline stable anion-exchange membrane for electrodialysis applications. fumasep FKL is a cation-exchange membrane for concentration of bases by electrodialysis. fumasep FKE is a thin cation-exchange membrane and proton conductor for electrolysis with high selectivity.

Fluorinated Membranes for Electrolysis
The fumasep F-types are cation exchange membranes based on perfluorinated sulfonic acid/PTFE copolymers with excellent chemical stability and superior ionic conductance intended for use in electrolysis. The membranes are produced with and without reinforcement for highest mechanical and chemical stability. Further application is the production of sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid for water disinfection.